The HSA, in order to support the academic sector and amplify its bonds with the space industry, has ensured a partnership agreement with powerful companies in order to offer postgraduate Greek students the ability of practice and expertise.

The main goal is to gain advanced expertise and professional experience with worldwide space field companies.

This program is being applied for the first time by Thales Alenia Space, which is going to be hosting two Greek postgraduate engineers,  one from the University of  the Aegean  and one from University of Patras,  for a month in its test site in Cannes.

This action is being supported by the Minister of digital policy, telecommunications and information, Mr Nikos Pappas.

The organization shall be offically announcing the dispatch of the two postgraduate Greek students to the factory of  Thales Alenia Space in France, while the project of sending Greek students to practice with other space companies nationally and abroad, is going to be completed in the coming month.

The Hellenic Space Agency is going to be participating in this year’s celebration of the Global Space Week which is set to take place from 4th until 10th of October,  by sponsoring and supporting the Copernicus Hackathon Athens 2018 completition, which is going to take place on 12-13th of October and is been held by Si – Cluster.  In the competition, for which Greece has gained the largest participation of all European countries with more than 100 participants,  the HSA, beside sponsoring, is going to be actively participating  in day-to-day projects as well as in the competition’s judge panel.

Furthermore, the HSA is offering, as one of the competition awards, the dispatch of two members of the winning team to the European spaceport of French Guiana to watch  the upcoming launch of the European missile ARIANE 5.

The Copernicus Hackathon is addressing students, scientists, program developers, graphics designers, experts on geographical information systems, experts in maritime, oil and others, who desire participation in the program, to create realistic and innovative solutions with the use of geoscopic data, and claim, among others, the participation in the Copernicus Accelerator project of the EE for 12 months. The participants are required to choose one of the offered challenges, and through the guidance of distinguished and expert advisors (mentors), to create their own project which is going to be presented before the committee.

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