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In case of cooperation or partnership intrest from academic institution, company or any other intrested sector, with HSA, we kindly request to fill in the attached list and send it in HSA, in order to begin the partnership evaluation proccess with the organization.

The organization will review the request and reply accordingly.


Behaviour, Performance and Psychosocial IssuesHuman Physiology in SpaceMedical Care for Humans in SpaceMedicine in Space and Extreme EnviromentsRadiation Fields, Effects and Risks in Human Space MissionsAstrobiology and ExplorationLife Support, habitats and EVA SystemsBiology in Space
Gravity and Fundamental PhysicsFluid and Materials SciencesMicrogravity Experiments from Sub-Orbital to Orbital PlatformsScience Results from Ground Based researchFacilities and Operations of Microgravity ExperimentsLife and Microgravity Sciences on board ISS and Beyond
Advanced Space Communications and Navigation SystemsFixed and Broadcast CommunicationsMobile Satellite Communications and Navigation TechnologyAdvanced Satellite ServicesSpace-Based Navigation Systems and ServicesNear-Earth and Interplanetary CommunicationsAdvanced Technologies for Space Communications and NavigationSpace Communications and Navigation

Space Agency Strategies and PlansScience Goals and Drivers for Future Exoplanet, Space Astronomy, Physics, and Outer Solar System Science MissionsTechnology Needs for Future Missions, Systems, and Instruments
International Cooperation in Earth Observation MissionsFuture Earth Observation SystemsEarth Observation Sensors and TechnologyEarth Observation Data Management SystemsEarth Observation Applications, Societal Challenges and Economic BenefitsCitizen Science in Global Earth Observation Systems
Space Explorations OverviewMoon ExplorationMars Exploration - Missions current and FutureMars Exploration - Science, Insruments and TechnologiesSmall Bodies Missions and TechnologiesSolar System Exploration

Governmental Human Spaceflight ProgramsCommercial Human Spaceflight ProgramsUtilization & Exploitation of Human Spaceflight SystemsFlight & Ground Operations of HSF SystemsAstronaut Training, Accommodation, and Operations in SpaceHuman and Robotic Partnerships in ExplorationAdvanced Systems, Technologies, and Innovations for Human SpaceflightLegal framework for collaborative space activities - New ways of launching (micro-launching) and large constellation microsatsHuman Spaceflight
Small Satellite Programmes at the Service of Developing CountriesSmall Space Science MissionsSmall Satellite OperationsSmall Earth Observation MissionsAccess to Space for Small Satellite MissionsSmall Satellite Propulsion SystemsGeneric Technologies for Small/Micro PlatformsGeneric Technologies for Nano/Pico PlatformsHighly Integrated Distributed SystemsSmall Spacecraft for Deep-Space Exploration
Space Structures I - Development and Verification (Space Vehicles and Components)Space Structures II - Development and Verification (Deployable and Dimensionally Stable Structures)Space Structures - Dynamics and MicrodynamicsAdvanced Materials and Structures for High Temperature ApplicationsSmart Materials and Adaptive StructuresSpace Environmental Effects and Spacecraft ProtectionSpace Vehicles – Mechanical/Thermal/Fluidic SystemsSpecialised Technologies, Including NanotechnologyAdvancements in Materials Applications and Rapid Prototyping

Ground Operations - Systems and SolutionsNew Space Operations Concepts and Advanced SystemsMission Operations, Validation, Simulation and TrainingFlight & Ground Operations of HSF Systems
Orbital DynamicsAttitude DynamicsGuidance, Navigation & ControlOrbital Safety and Optimal Operations in an Increasingly Congested EnvironmentMission Design, Operations & Optimization
Tools and Technology in Support of Integrated ApplicationsIntegrated Applications End-to-End SolutionsSatellite Commercial Applications

Solar Power SatelliteWireless Power Transmission Technologies and ApplicationAdvanced Space Power TechnologiesSpace Power System for Ambitious MissionsAdvanced and Nuclear Power and Propulsion Systems
Propulsion SystemPropulsion TechnologyElectric PropulsionNew Missions Enabled by New Propulsion Technology and SystemsAdvanced and Nuclear Power and Propulsion SystemsSmall Satellite Propulsion SystemsHypersonic Air-breathing and Combined Cycle Propulsion
Innovative and Visionary Space SystemsSpace Systems ArchitecturesTechnologies to Enable Space SystemsSpace Systems Engineering - Methods, Processes and ToolsLessons Learned in Space Systems: Achievements, Challenges, Best Practices, StandardsCooperative and Robotic Space Systems

Quality and safety, a challenge for traditional and new spaceKnowledge management for space activities in the digital eraPrediction, Testing, Measurement and Effects of space environment on space missionsCyber-security threats to space missions and countermeasures to address them
Strategies & Architectures as the Framework for Future Building Blocks in Space Exploration and DevelopmentSystems and Infrastructures to Implement Future Building Blocks in Space Exploration and DevelopmentNovel Concepts and Technologies to Enable Future Building Blocks in Space Exploration and DevelopmentSpace Technology and System Management Practices and Tools
Innovative Concepts and TechnologiesContribution of Space Activities to Solving Global Societal IssuesConceptualizing Space Elevators and Tethered SatellitesStrategies for Rapid Implementation of Interstellar Missions: Precursors and BeyondSpace Resources: Technologies, Systems, Missions and Policies

Launch Vehicles in Service or in DevelopmentLaunch Services, Missions, Operations, and FacilitiesUpper Stages, Space Transfer, Entry and Landing SystemsFuture Space Transportation SystemsTechnologies for Future Space Transportation SystemsFuture Space Transportation Systems Verification and In-Flight ExperimentationSmall Launchers: Concepts and OperationsSpace Transportation Solutions for Deep Space MissionsSafe Transportation Systems for Sustainable Commercial Human Spaceflight / Small Launchers: Concepts and Operations
Financing space: Procurement, competition and regulatory approachIntegrated space applications, EO telecoms navigationSpace law at Unispace +50: consequences and future perspectivesThe relationship between space law and cyberlaw, and other recent developments in space lawLegal framework for collaborative space activities - New ways of launching (micro-launching) and large constellation microsats
Ignition - Primary Space EducationLift Off - Secondary Space EducationOn Track - Undergraduate Space EducationIn Orbit - Postgraduate Space EducationEnabling the Future - Developing the Space WorkforceCalling Planet Earth - Space Outreach to the General PublicNew Worlds - Non-Traditional Space Education and OutreachHands-on Space Education and OutreachSpace Culture – Public Engagement in Space through Culture

International Cooperation for the benefits of developing countries and emerging space nationsWays ahead in Space ExplorationSpace economy – Stimulating measureable economic activities through space policies and budgetsAssuring a Safe, Secure and Sustainable Environment for Space ActivitiesStrategic Risk Management for successful space & defence programmes
Space Architecture: Habitats, Habitability, and BasesContemporary Arts Practice and Outer Space: A Multi-Disciplinary ApproachSpace Assets and Disaster Management
Commercial Spaceflight Safety and Emerging IssuesSafe Transportation Systems for Sustainable Commercial Human Spaceflight / Small Launchers: Concepts and OperationsEnabling safe commercial spaceflight: vehicles and spaceports

Thank you! The organization will review your request and reply accordingly.

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