Memorandum of Cooperation between the Hellenic and the Mexican Space Agency

The Hellenic Space Agency (HSA) and the « Mexican Space Agency », have signed a memorandum of understanding, the purpose of which is to set up the terms and conditions of a favorable framework for the conduct and the implementation of cooperative activities between the two organizations in the space sector. These actions include the exchange of staff and scientists between the two organizations, the joint organization of space events and seminars and the cooperation in international and national space activities.

The agreement, signed by AEM’s General Director Dr. Francisco Javier Mendieta Jiménez and HSA’s Chairman, Mr Christodoulos Protopapas, on Friday 01 February 2019, will focus on cooperation activities in the following areas:

  • Joint development of low-orbit satellites
  • Development of space technology
  • Space exploration systems
  • Capacity-building
  • Space education and innovation
  • Management of disasters derived from natural phenomena
  • Earth observation

It is noted that both HSA and AEM have been ordered by the Hellenic Republic and the Mexican Government respectively to promote space and technology and to encourage new research activities.

The General Director of AEM stated: “At AEM we are very happy about this signature, that will really launch very interesting cooperation actions between our countries in the space sector, both for the societal needs from space applications and for the economic development in the aerospace sector. Greece and Mexico are committed to the best use of space for societal needs: we have similar situations in several aspects: dispersed population, large sea surfaces, long coastlines, varied orography, natural disaster vulnerabilities and other challenges. And regarding the industrial perspectives, both countries will surely have diverse opportunities to cooperation, in view of our infrastructure for manufacturing and information technology, and our ongoing activities in prolongation of the aerospace sector towards space products, systems and networks. This cooperation will harmonically encompass the various actors in government, industry and academia towards the best use and development of space resource for our populations.”

The Chairman of the Hellenic Space Agency stated: “It is with pleasure that we are starting our cooperation with the Mexican Space Agency, which traditionally uses the space technology for peaceful purposes. This cooperation and the future exchange of knowhow between the two Agencies, will be a considerable experience for us in utilizing the existing space investments in favour of the civilians of the two countries as well as in gaining Mexico’s experience in the field of detection and early warning systems of natural hazards, especially wildfires, but also in the use of space technology related to agriculture and the climate change.”

Δελτίο Τύπου (pdf)

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