Sign of Memorandum of understanding between the Hellenic Space Agency and the Romanian Space Agency

The Hellenic Space Agency (HSA) and the « Romanian Space Agency » , have signed a memorandum of understanding, the purpose of which is to set up the terms and conditions of a favorable framework for the conduct and the implementation of cooperative activities between the two organizations in the space sector. These actions include the exchange of staff and scientists between the two organizations, the joint organization of space events and seminars and the cooperation in international and national space activities.

The agreement, signed by ROSA’s President Mr Marius-Ioan Piso and HSA’s Chairman, Mr Christodoulos Protopapas, on Monday 14 January 2019, will focus on cooperation activities in the following areas:

  • Science and technology
  • Space exploration
  • Space applications and services
  • Space activities related to security
  • Share views regarding space policy, regulations and laws
  • Cooperation at industry level
  • Education and innovation

It is noted that both HSA and ROSA have been ordered by the Hellenic Republic and the Romanian administration respectively to promote space and technology and to encourage new research activities.

The president of ROSA stated: “We are very happy that we managed to be one of the first countries who signed a cooperation agreement with the HSA. We can say it is an honour but also it looks normal. There is a long-term relationship between our countries in the scientific sector. Greece and Romania co-worked in an experiment at the International space station ten years ago. There is also a very close cooperation in the industry sector. In Romania the Hellenic satellite is very important for television coverage. So it is a very good investment and i would like to congratulate the Greek Minister as well as the HSA.”

The Chairman of the Hellenic Space Agency stated: “The today’s cooperation agreement with the Romanian Space Agency is the 3rd which the Hellenic Space Agency, signed. Romania is the second country along Greece which has a space agency in the Balkans and we hope to an extensive and fruitful cooperation. I would like to mention that from the Hellenic orbital position, 1,5 million Romanians are watching satellite TV and for the last two decades Greece’s cooperation with Romania is very extensive”.

The Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media, Mr. Nikos Papas stated that: “We are very happy that the Hellenic Space Agency signed today a memorandum of understanding with the Romanian Space Agency. Romania is a country with a long history in space applications development and a strong industry in this area. The cooperation of the two organizations indicates that there is a very large field for programs development, products and services, in the Balkans. The Hellenic Space Agency, in its short time, has proved that Greece has nothing to fear or envy and has made lots of steps ahead.”

Press Release (pdf)

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